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30 Day Art Quarantine Challenge

Coronavirus has brought us a strange and new reality to experience. Troubling and worrying times for many of us, medically, mentally and financially.

Medically we depend on our amazing NHS and the key workers that are supporting them in that task and we have so much to be grateful for.

Mentally it's tricky we always complain we don't have enough time to do things now we have so much more time but what do we do with it ? Easy to slip onto the sofa, default position, particularly when we're feeling unsettled, this free time wasn't our choice after all, we don't feel in control so choices are more difficult.

Financially many independent workers, small businesses and charities are watching all their hard work drain away and the future looks uncertain, help or not from the government. It is these businesses that need support, they are often the lifeblood and future of our local communities without which our landscape would be very bleak.

Medically I can just go with what is asked of me and keep myself safe.

Mentally I can keep myself busy, productive and focused, so the #30dayartquarantine challenge an initiative by @thejealouscurator is right up my strada. A painting/piece of work a day for 30 days, something that makes you and hopefully others smile. It hasn't been easy but looking at the work I have produced I'm so happy I joined up and kept going. Some of it is better than others, some of it a challenge, some hysterical - people and cacti are never going to be my future but I've loved it.

Financially by selling all the pictures, I can maybe help people who will be affected by the pandemic. 100% of the money made will be divided between SOLD Shoreham, Ekisa uk and a fund to help support local artists.

SOLD is an independent charity set up to help young adults with learning disabilities and/or autism to train in a supportive retail environment, gaining meaningful life skills and confidence with a view to finding employment. I am proud to work as a volunteer with the trainees at SOLD helping them develop key creative skills. Sadly people who fall into this category are likely to have even more of their help and benefits cut post Covid19. SOLD relies on donations and the funds generated through it's shop , it receives no financial assistance from the government.

Ekisa Uk supports orphans with physical and learning disabilities in Uganda. A group already marginalised, the little help there is also likely to be greatly reduced post Covid19.

Neighbourhood Store in Shoreham is a beacon in their local community, supporting creatives to establish a presence in the local market, promoting life affirming causes as they do it. Artists and creatives are the sunlight in our lives they need to keep shining.

So flick through the 30 day gallery on the website, click on the images to see details, click on the heart if you like what you see and if you want to buy, buy, buy send a message to me via the contact page. I guarantee every penny you spend will help somebody, your help is much appreciated.

Ekisa UK facebook

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